Contract & Temporary Recruiting

Looking for Contract or Temporary Placement?

Storm Staffing will find you three perfect candidates within 48 hours

Storm Staffing provides thorough vetting for skill set & cultural fit while completing professional references and assisting with any/all salary negotiation as desired. Storm Staffing prepares candidates for salary discussions, acceptance, and resignation ensuring a seamless transition and onboarding process.

Storm Staffing offers bi-weekly performance evaluations ensuring Client expectations are being met and/or exceeded. Storm Staffing provides continuous management of the contractor through the completion of the assignment.

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Storm Search Recruiting Specialties

Accounting & Finance

Transforming your accounting and finance recruitment into a seamless success story.


Revolutionizing engineering recruitment with top talent and cutting-edge solutions.

Executive Sales

Elevating your sales force with exceptional executive talent and unparalleled strategies.


Empowering your IT success through expert talent and innovative solutions.


Driving manufacturing excellence with skilled talent and optimized processes.

Supply Chain

Unlocking supply chain efficiency through expert talent and streamlined logistics.

Trade Compliance

Simplifying trade compliance with expert knowledge and seamless global solutions.


Transforming HR with strategic talent acquisition and innovative HR solutions.

Contract & Temporary

Providing flexible workforce solutions tailored to your contract and temporary needs.

Our Temporary Staffing Allows You to:

Save Time – Reduce time-to-hire, we send you three qualified and interested candidates in 48 hours.

Get Better Results – Receive vetted and motivated candidates without investing any of your time—our dedicated team does the work for you.

Access more top talent – Our expert recruiters will proactively source top candidates to match skill set & cultural fit.

Temporary or Contract To Hire

Bi-weekly performance evaluations, providing salary negotiation/onboarding guidance as requested to ensure desired candidate seamlessly onboards with the client. Storm Staffing provides consistent follow up after transition to full-time employment working to increase client satisfaction and employee retention.

Storm Search – Six Step Recruiting Process

  1. Conduct an in-depth needs analysis discussion with the client to establish search criteria, recruitment approach, and cultural fit.
  2. Thoroughly assess professional references and conduct a rigorous vetting process for candidates.
  3. Utilize various strategies to engage candidates and align them with the specific requirements of the client.
  4. Match candidates based on their desired skill sets, personality traits, and cultural compatibility with the client.
  5. Provide guidance to candidates throughout the interview, offer acceptance, resignation, and onboarding processes.
  6. Maintain regular and ongoing communication with both clients and candidates at 30/60/90/180-day intervals to ensure successful retention.
Executive Sales Recruiting Process

Storm Search Guarantee: 3 Qualified Candidates in 72 Hours!