4 Questions You Must Ask During Your Interview


Can you tell me about your ideal candidate?

All of the sudden you know the answers to the test.  Imagine sitting in class and asking the teacher, “Can you please tell me how to get an A?.”  Instantly you’ve learned even more about the job and more about the items to discuss throughout the interview.  Most importantly, take the items that were discussed and be sure to speak to your experience and the relevancy of your skills and how they can make you asset to the organization.

What type of people are successful at this company?

Do you fit the mold? Remember, as much as this is an interview for the job, you are also interviewing to see if this company can help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Asking this question helps you understand company politics, what is not listed on the job description, management style, and the vision of leadership.  The last thing you want to happen is to hop in your car after the interview, know you are the best candidate for the job, but still not be clear if the company is the best environment for you.

How do I compare to the other candidates, is there anything I can elaborate on concerning my background and experience?

We all want the opportunity for instant feedback or the opportunity to further elaborate on anything which isn’t clear or was possibly misunderstood.  Asking this question allows the manager to be candid about where they see gaps, challenges, potential pitfalls in your background.  This also is a great opportunity to dive deeper into your experience, provide better relevant examples and instances which make you a great candidate for the role.

What keeps you at this company? Also, if you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

.Instantly the guard will go down.  You will get intel into the hiring manager outside of their role as the boss.  These two questions allow the hiring manager to take on the mantra as a friend/colleague and will likely provide more information about the company than you would have found out doing your own research.

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